Pundu Becomes a Smashing Hit on DAO Maker With its Historic $100M Fair Launch

Amidst the meme coin frenzy, a new project called Pundu, which aims to redefine the narrative with community-driven principles right from its inception, captured the market attention and raised over $100 million in just 37 hours. 

What’s even more interesting is that the project raised an unprecedented $37.6 million (212,404 SOL) on Solana, marking the largest on-chain fundraise in the Solana network’s history. Simultaneously, Pundu raised $50 million on the Binance Smart Chain, the second-largest raise ever seen on BSC.

With this, Pundu became the first meme coin to have a fair launch on the blockchain-powered DAO Maker launchpad. The popular token launchpad incubates projects and enables retail ventures to invest in shares and tokens. The platform provides low-risk participation frameworks for individual everyday investors who can’t afford to risk large portions of money. So far, it has achieved a user base of over 200,000 registered retail investors.

Through DAO Maker, retail crypto users get the opportunity to grow their capital safely, while blockchain startups like Pundu get a new funding source for innovation.

In terms of token metrics, Pundu has set aside the vast majority of its token supply (90%) to Liquidity Pool and presale at 45% each. As a result, it will have an approximate LP of $15 million at launch. Of the remaining supply, Pundu has set aside 5% for marketing and another 5% for CEX listing to ensure the project continues to capture market attention, adoption, and price appreciation. 

Overall, Pundu’s meteoric rise on DAO Maker, marking a $100M fair launch triumph, sets a new gold standard for meme coins and blockchain innovation, proving that community-driven projects can indeed conquer the crypto world.

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