PlayMining’s DEAPcoin GameFi Token Lists First DEP-USD & DEP-SGD Pairs, Continues to Lead GameFi Rally

Tokenize Xchange now offers direct trades between DEAPcoin and US or Singaporean dollars.

Singapore-based GameFi platform PlayMining has hit a milestone in its home country, with its DEAPcoin ($DEP) token now available for purchase directly with Singaporean dollars or US dollars. The platform listed DEP on Tokenize Xchange this week in DEP/USD and DEP/SGD trading pairs.

In addition to its new entry in the Singapore market, DEP tokens can also be traded on the following crypto exchanges: Uniswap, OKX, Bitrue, and Bitmart.

Tokenize Xchange is also a Singapore-headquartered company, with a license in Malaysia. The cryptocurrency exchange was launched in 2017, and now has over 100 thousand daily users. They primarily cater to crypto traders in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

Naohito Yoshida, co-CEO of PlayMining operating company Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), explained that the Southeast Asia region is an important market for the company’s global expansion strategy. Entering the Singaporean market makes their token more accessible for key users, as does offering direct trading with US dollars.

Onboarding Trad Industry to GameFi by #GamifyingWork

The new listing on Tokenize Xchange follows an official announcement a little over a month ago about DEA’s newest business initiative for PlayMining. The company is partnering with high-level traditional non-Web3 companies, such as heavy industries, to help solve severe labor shortages. By breaking jobs down into small tasks that PlayMining gamers can perform in exchange for DEP token rewards, PlayMining is able to make an actual difference in society outside of the Web3 industry’s normal area of influence.

They call their new initiative “Gamifying Work”, and they already have a number of projects underway with high-level partners in Japan:

  • TEPCO Power Grid: Japan’s largest electric power company (and the fourth-largest in the world) TEPCO Power Grid is hampered by a staffing shortage in utility inspectors. To help fill this demand for TEPCO, a PlayMining pilot project scheduled to launch in spring 2024 will offer DEP token rewards to teams of players who go out in their communities and take pictures of utility poles. The game will somewhat resemble Pokemon Go in playstyle.
  • Rita Technology: The waste management industry is facing labor shortages due a perception of the job being dirty, strenuous and dangerous. Through a partnership with industry digitalization specialists Rita Technology, PlayMining is developing a Play-and-Earn (P&E) game in which players can remotely control actual physical robots installed at waste-sorting facilities in Japan. The players will be rewarded with DEP tokens for their effort.
  • KDDI: Japan’s second-largest telecom operator KDDI operates a fund called the KDDI Open Innovation Fund. DEA received investment from this fund with the purpose of helping the company connect with more businesses looking to solve problems with PlayMining’s unique GameFi solutions.
  • Others: More projects are now underway to ‘gamify work’ for various industries, including CO2 reduction, local revitalization, disaster prevention, inheritance, elderly quality-of-life, employment for people with disabilities and animal welfare.

Companies can contact DEA to explore ‘gamifying work’ opportunities by filling out a form at the following link:

Leading the GameFi Industry in a Grand Market Rally

After a year of lackluster market performance, many GameFi tokens have been bouncing back over the past month and a half. PlayMining is on the vanguard of this rally, with its DEP token boasting a one-month percentage increase of 46.64%. This follows an initial price jump of over 60% in the first two weeks of the rally. 

This performance is bullish when compared with other well-known GameFi tokens. Axie Infinity, for example, has only appreciated 22.35% since November 11, while The Sandbox has increased 30.29%.

The PlayMining GameFi platform has over 2.7 million users in more than 100 countries worldwide. The platform offers a growing catalog of casual ‘Play-and-Earn’ games including JobTribes, Lucky Farmer, Graffiti Racer, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Lost Archive +, Rogue Roll Ruler’s and SOUL Fusers, as well as a ‘Watch-and-Play’ video streaming service. It also has a metaverse project and two NFT marketplaces.

For more information about PlayMining, please visit their official website and follow them on social media.

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